Vijay Caplon
Head Math Tutor

"The only true failure in life is when one stops believing in themselves"

Vijay is an individual who never lets anything or anybody get in his way of achieving his dreams. Throughout most of his life, he has been challenged and judged by his peers. He is in a wheelchair and has been told that he can't achieve much because of it. With people doubting him, he went on to college at Siena Heights University after flunking out of Central Michigan University. While there, he started few clubs, the annual Disability Awareness Week, and got a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. The company was created to give those students the extra nudge to prove to themselves that they can achieve any dream they want to.

When he is not tutoring, he enjoys playing non-traditional table top games, hanging out with close friends and family, traveling to various countries, and volunteering his time to serve others. During the past 6 summers, he works at a special needs camp as the Assistant Director where he found his passion to continue working with that population.