Future First provides 1:1 tutoring services to students of all ages, elementary through undergraduate college. We focus on the student's individual needs and are experienced in working with traditional, special needs, veterans and those returning to school later in life. We at Future First believe that with the support of our compassionate and knowledgeable staff, the students have a better chance to graduate and become great role models in the workforce.
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Math, English, Science, History, Social Studies, Accounting, Writing, Study Skills, SAT Prep, Exam Prep, Chess, Common Core Curriculum-For Parents



Vijay Caplon

Head Math Tutor

"The only true failure in life is when one stops believing in themselves"

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Cynthia Suddeth

English/Elementary Tutor

Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three - Confucius

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Crissany Grayer

Special Education/Elementary Tutor

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. -Helen Keller

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Future First works with your K-12 student to build a strong foundation and learn the skills necessary to meet their academic goals.

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Future First provides tutoring in core academic coursework for undergraduate students.

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Special Needs

Future First is a contracted service provider with Michigan Rehabilitation Services. We are experienced in working with students of all ages with a variety of disabilities.

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Veteran and Non-Traditional Students

Future First is here to assist you throughout your academic pursuits.

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Home schooling program

Future First is here to assist students who are in home schooling.

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Homework Assistance

We are offering to assist in with completing homework assignments.

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Spaghetti Dinner includes Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and drink


Kid's (10+)

Spaghetti Dinner includes Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and drink


Kid's (under 10)

Spaghetti Dinner: includes Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and drink


The Irvin Swider Scholarship

The Irvin Swider Scholarship
Irvin was born in Detroit, Michigan on June 3, 1927. After serving proudly in the U.S. Navy, he attended Wayne State University. He was a member of the football team and the Sphinx Club and graduated in the class of 1950. He worked as a 6th grade teacher at Von Steuben Elementary in Detroit, MI and later as a salesman at Acme Tool. In 1963 he acquired Future Products, an automotive manufacturing company, in Troy, MI and in 1973 established Metal Punch Company in Cadillac, MI. Irvin served as Chairman of both companies until 2015. He brightened the lives of his employees with his personal dedication to them and often credited them for the true success of the companies.

His unquenchable intellectual curiosity and genuine delight in human interaction drove him to form innumerable deep and lasting relationships that he cherished and nurtured all his life. He counted among his friend's people from all walks of life. His accumulated wisdom and generous nature allowed him to have a significant impact on all who came to know him. Irv's interest in the world and desire to make a difference led to his dedicated involvement as a camp caregiver at the Camp Cavell Conservancy, an MDA Summer Camp in Lexington, MI and the Guadalupe Social Services - Casa Maria Soup Kitchen, where he served meals to the migrant farm workers and their families, in Immokalee, FL.

Irv was a mentor to Vijay by showing him that true happiness is found within yourself. He taught him the importance of helping others can improve the quality of life not only for himself but to others. Whether it's giving money, time, helping a stranger, or another act of kindness, the act of kindness creates an endless ripple effect. Future First L.L.C. has created a scholarship in memory of him and the values he passed on to all the people he came into contact with. The scholarship will be awarded to an individual with a disability or a veteran, portraying such qualities, living in Lenawee County, MI

For more information on  how to qualify/apply, please email Vijay at futurefirstf2@gmail.com.

"We are on this earth to serve. Not to be served."

"In your bank of life, you are given an unknown number of days at birth. You'll withdraw one each morning as you awake. Making a deposit is not possible. Use your bank account wisely."

Scholarship Recipient

Noah Manuszak

Graduate class of 2020 from Tecumseh

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The Sullivan/Robers Scholarship

Job Opportunities

Tutor - Adrian, MI, USA - 0001

We are looking for individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others through the power of education. We are currently looking for people who are good in all levels of Math, English, Science, and other college subjects.
  • High school diploma
  • Pass the company subject test
  • Minimum of a 3.0 in high school
  • Love teaching/learning
  • Respectable, caring, patient, and the ability to incorporate various learning styles 
  • You would be tutoring 1-3 students at a time in the subject.
  • Creating a fun learning environment for all.
  • Making sure the scholar is doing their work and not having you do it for them.
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  • Adrian, MI, United States